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I had a wonderful intuitive reading with Jill last week. She was very focused and supportive, giving me wisdom and insight into all the key areas in my life. I have a recording of the reading to refer to over the next few months and deeply appreciate the level of guidance that is there when I need to return to it. I highly recommend her.
Dinah B. Ashland OR

I'm somewhat of a therapist snob, but after one session with Jill my world has completely been rocked into harmony and balance. This chick is a bang on intuitive without all the woo woo fluff. Like magic, the issues I come in with disappear a few days later. It's so subtle, it's hard to put a finger on it, but after 4 sessions I am signing up for more because I am blowing through old patterns left and right. Part of it is ME and my dedication to transformation, but the other part is Jill being a rockstar hypnotherapist. Five stars!!!!!
Julia A Encinitas CA

Jill is wonderful. My husband and I both see her for personal and professional sessions. We love her personable open warm caring professional demeanor. She has become a key player on our "power" team. Anyone looking to up their game personally or professionally would benefit greatly from partnering with Jill.
Heather B Newport CA

Very cool and smart person. I was very impressed on how good she was at using my own words that she collected from our initial Q and A into the session. I also got a recording of everything and play it whenever I can. I am excited for the results and highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed.
Alex T Del Mar CA

I loved my session with Jill. She had strategies for my business and personal life. She seemed to be in tuned work exactly where I am. I've been listening to her personal meditation every night since and am feeling more relaxed. It was my first time and I'll definitely go back.
Jami S San Marcos CA

Jill is a gifted helper (and healer) .... on a recent hypnotherapy session, through her questions, she quickly was able to help focus in on the key issues and then the guided visualizations and the hypnosis is really perfect. Her style is easy and she has a no pressure approach! She sent the recording immediately so the one session becomes many. I highly recommend her to you!
Jill H Tuscon AZ

I recommended you go to her for an intuitive counseling session to get answers on aspects of your life that is most important to you, whether it be finding out what your purpose is here on earth or how to deal with a family or job issue. She has remarkable gift and I am grateful I discovered her.
Jill H Tuscon AZ

Jill's voice is both calming and strong. You feel "held" by her voice. She is also very good at counseling you on the best approaches to reach your goals. A no nonsense kind of person yet very compassionate and nonjudgmental.
Lori C San Clemente CA

Jill does a great job of making you feel comfortable and your concerns heard. Looking forward to my other upcoming sessions.
Christine D Orange CA

I have been blessed to work with Jill on several occasions with lifelong paradigms with weight loss. Combining her medical knowledge with her intuition, she brings you to the root that needs healing. Having the recording to work through the blockages at home, have brought me to empowered success. If you have been wanting a shift in your life, I highly recommend working with Jill!
MayLynn G Aliso Viejo CA

After over 35 years of biting my nails I finally feel like a grown up. It took one session to see results and with a the take home recording you can do little boosters at home as you feel needed.
Chad E Oceanside, CA

I am a long time business development guy doing employee benefits and insurance with lots of demands on my time and attention. Yes, I live in a pressure cooker.....Jill is a great coach and strategist to help me keep my eye on the ball and only sweat the small stuff. And it is all small stuff.
David C Solana Beach CA

Consider me a converted skeptic. I went to Jill on the suggestion of a friend - for help with trouble getting motivated on a project I had dithered over for more than 4 months. As a result of my work with Jill I had my project completed within 30 days, and have stuck with the progress made. Many thanks, Jill!
Daniel P Carlsbad CA

I first came to see Jill because I had recently ended a relationship and wanted help in getting past it quickly. We worked together and, consequently, it has taken me only a month to heal emotionally and to move on. And in using her system, an unexpected benefit has been that I sleep soundly every night. Thanks, Jill!
T. T. San Diego

I wanted to lose some weight. I went to see her several times, and she helped me with portion control and eating healthier. I started craving fruits and vegetables instead of junk food or fast food. To my amazement, 5 weeks later, I had lost 14 pounds! And in another 3 weeks, I had lost 3 more pounds, so in total, 17 pounds! My target weight was 135 and I am at 134. I am now down 2 dress sizes and can fit into a size small again. Hypnosis really works!
M. P. San Diego

I started working with Jill for trouble with sleeping (frequent waking up and frequent stressful dreams) and with anxiety. After the hypnosis session I found that my sleep became better, with much more peaceful dreams. And I found that in the daytime that I have been better able to control anxiety in my life.
C. R. Del Mar

I have always been shy and had trouble feeling comfortable with strangers, especially in social situations. After one session with Jill, I was able to attend and enjoy a party where I only knew one other person. Later, I was even able to ask a woman I barely knew out on a date.
R. J. Carlsbad

I worked with Jill for 12 weeks using hypnotherapy for what I had originally thought was going to be weight loss. After just a few sessions working with Jill, I was able to break through a psychological barrier I had set up at least 12 years ago! I got to the root of my weight gain and am now on the road to recovery. I highly recommend Jill's services to everyone for every problem they might have, and I will continue to use her services in the future also.
Linda R. Carlsbad

I have cancer and am going through chemotherapy, and after one session on the phone, Jill made these wonderful soothing recordings for me, tailored from our conversation, and gave me some powerful imaging to help fight the battle. She has a lovely soothing voice, which helps me relax and let go of any anxiety and takes me to a better place where I can get in touch with and control my mind, which I can then direct to more positive feelings. In all, Jill's self-hypnosis techniques are a highly recommended experience.
P. G. Half Moon Bay, CA

I lost 5 more pounds, so in total, I have lost 26 pounds, and I am now at 127 pounds, 3 pounds lower than my goal weight. I’ve gone from a size 14 to a size 4! Thanks to you!! I was 130 pounds in 2004 and that was when I was pretty thin. I’ve lost a lot of tummy weight, so it’s awesome.
R. M. Carlsbad