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“A really fun, interesting and articulate guest…”

“A nice mix of humor and wisdom…not ‘pitchy’ or preachy”

“Can speak intelligently on multiple metaphysical topics—all on the same show…”

The above is a sampling of what I’ve heard from hosts of the roughly 20+ radio shows I’ve done. I’m a dynamic and interesting speaker whose shows enjoy great ratings even when rebroadcast.

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“What Can I Talk About?”

While my interviews are often fun, free-ranging affairs, here are my “wheelhouse” topics—with multiple topics often covered in one interview:

1) Hypnotherapy for creating abundance and financial success
We all want more financial abundance and greater personal success, but many limit their potential with self-sabotaging habits that keep them from doing the things they need to do to succeed.

Those destructive habits spring from negative beliefs (i.e., “I’m not worthy of having the things I want”) that can unconsciously keep you from creating a life of happiness, joy and financial success.

2) Hypnotherapy gets FAST Results
Clients often see improvement in only a few sessions—sometimes just one! Other “talking” professions typically require months or years to deliver tangible progress.

3) The actual steps your listeners can take to get “unstuck”:
  • Identify and release limiting beliefs and negative thinking
  • Help retrain the mind for prosperity consciousness and financial freedom
  • Help business owners and sales staff connect with their most ideal clients
  • Become a magnet for opportunities and success

4) Hypnotherapy for past-life regressions
We’ve all had flashes of Deja vu about a person or place. On your show, I’ll answer questions like:
  • How do I know if past-life-regression therapy can help me with my current struggles?
  • Have I lived previous lives with my current friends and family?
  • Are parallel lives real and how do I know if I am living one now?

5) How to create a successful healing art practice
Do your listeners dream of turning their metaphysical gifts into a successful healing practice, but lack the confidence and skill to make that happen?

As a thriving “been-there-done-that” healer with both the healing gifts and business smarts, I can share with your listeners why limiting beliefs about money and a lack of confidence may be holding them back.

By helping them identify and release those hobbling beliefs, they can create that thriving business—faster than they ever thought possible.

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Hypnotist Jill K Thomas
Hypnotist Jill K Thomas
Hypnotist Jill K Thomas
Hypnotist Jill K Thomas