Akashic Readings FAQ

How is an Akashic reading different than a psychic reading?

Psychic readings tend to focus on the here and now—what’s happening in your world in this time and place or in the not-so-distant future. Akashic records readings are about the big picture.

In short, Akashic readings are less about “Should I be dating Bob or Bill?” and more about “Why am I drawn to Bob and Bill?” or “How can I change so that I can open up to finding my most ideal match easily?” or “Have I known Bob and Bill in a past life?” (You have, by the way, I can already tell.)

So, if the reading is different do the questions have to be different too?

Great question, you are so smart! And the answer is yes… somewhat. In the records, “when” type questions are hard because time is a human illusion that is not part of the records themselves. It’s better to ask different questions, for example:

“What type of job or what qualities of a job would make my soul happy?” vs. “Am I going to get that job at Hewlett Packard?”

“How can I make myself more open to receiving (that great thing I want)?” vs. “What is blocking me right now from (that cool thing)?”

What can I learn during an Akashic reading?

You can ask anything during your reading and get some kind of answer. At the start of your session, we’ll chat about your question, and I’ll help rephrase it to get the best result from the reading. However, there are a couple of questions that don’t work well in Akashic records readings:

1) “What do I need to know?”
Akasha is essentially a library. You wouldn’t ask a librarian “what do I need to know?” Instead ask “what do I need to know about…?

2) “What is blocking my…?” (usually some form of prosperity)
This question assumes that something is blocking you on an unconscious level. That doesn’t usually come up in the records.

However, current blocks do come up in a hypnotherapy session. So if your questions are more about unconscious blocks stemming from your childhood or past trauma, hypnotherapy is the better place to start.

So, what should I book? An Akashic reading, an intuitive reading, or hypnotherapy?

It depends on what you want to know!

Hypnotherapy is about solving problems and uncovering blocks, focusing on your current life and experiences. If your mission is about reaching concrete goals for things like success and money, hypnotherapy is the way to go.

During readings, on the other hand, I connect with your spirit guides—and your guides don’t see things in terms of “blocks.” So the actual unconscious beliefs that are interfering with you creating that thing you want come up in a hypnotherapy session, not in a reading.

If you’re leaning toward a reading, but aren’t sure which you need, don’t stress too much. Although Akashic records readings and intuitive readings are different, they are similar enough that you can’t go wrong by choosing either. But below is a basic idea of what types of questions to ask in each reading.

Akashic Records Reading: What’s my life’s purpose? What will make my soul happy? (Basically, How and Why type questions.)

Intuitive Reading: When will XYZ happen, or will it happen? How does someone feel about me? What’s going on with my job? (Basically, What and When type questions.)

There are no wrong choices here, and all of these sessions are very therapeutic. So at the end of the day, it’s best to go with what you are most drawn to and trust that you will get exactly what you need.